Tuesday, 29 September 2009

My Websites

Websites that I am currently working on are:

www.sparks-net.co.uk - My main website - Always being changed and worked on! Can also be accessed from www.stuartsparks.com

www.stuleyswedding.co.uk - Our own website with all our wedding pictures for friends and family to view & download.

www.sparks-net.co.uk/homecomputing - My site which i'm developing to help with several topics of typical home computing. Mainly with guides on how to do things for free or really cheap. With the plan to fully develop this into a huge site of info, help, tips & tricks over time.

www.sparks-net.co.uk/contractinghelp - Will be a site/forum to help and discussion for contractors on using Umbrella or Limited Company payment options.

www.sparks-net.co.uk/footballfriendlies - To be developed between my brother and I for his local team, for arranging and discussing friendly games in and around Portsmouth.

www.sparks-net.co.uk/weblinks.html - A small page dedicated to linking to other websites that I recommend.

www.sparkshome.co.uk - To be decided!

Monday, 14 September 2009

My First Blog - My experiences in I.T. Contracting


Welcome to my blog site, I'm new to this (mid-september 2009) so please bear with me whilst I create some content!

For now though, please visit my main site for more info - http://www.sparks-net.co.uk/


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